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N5RCK - Ed Humphries Quick Reference

As my member name indicates, I am an amateur radio operator with the callsign N5RCK. See my antenna articles!

Additionally, I am a ruling elder of Faith Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Other interests include reading and writing, rock climbing, computers, and photography. Members of the misc.writing newsgroup and others who enjoy good desserts might want to try my recipe for The Visitor's favorite quickcake.

I have written articles on all these subjects (and others!) and will be posting these.

Also, I own a digital camera and will sometimes post images for all to enjoy. Like any self-respecting photographer, I've done an experimental self-portrait.

For those who may be interested, I own and ride an '81 Suzuki GS1000GL and my wife rides a Honda Shadow (and our daughter rides a Honda Rebel 250). So, if anyone cares to discuss motorcycles, drop me a line! DOD #3007 - If you have to ask . . .

UPDATE! Dawn and I are now riding 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit motorcycles! Mine is a classic black VT1100C1 and hers is the new style shiny white VT750DC. Which leaves our daughter on the 85 Shadow 500.

Another Update! I traded my 2001 Spirit 1100 for a motorcycle like I've always wanted. Here's a picture of my new2002 BMW K1200LT Custom alongside my wife's white Shadow. To make things fair we are renovating my wife's Spirit 750.

Oh, don't forget to take a look at my favorite guitar on my guitar page. I also own a Fender Strat, an Aquarius Custom, and a vintage Yamaha FG-110 acoustic.


Some of my favorite places:

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Synod
Oldest Presbyterian organization in the U.S.
American Radio Relay League
Amateur (HAM) Radio's Home in the U.S.
And if you haven't heard his work, check out:
Jamie Slocum Music
A great up and coming CCM artist!

Ed Humphries

Atlanta, Georgia
United States